Diamond and Gemstone Earrings Under $600

zircon gemstone earrings

Diamond stud earrings are a classic. But, sizable diamond studs are an investment. Unless you only need one earring, the investment involves purchasing two closely matched diamonds. Depending on the quality of the diamonds, that can mean a pretty penny.

Lab created diamonds are a viable alternative while offering prices up to 40% less than earth mined diamonds.
Today, we’re featuring earrings made with earth mined diamonds.
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Consider alternative setting styles and gemstones with wallet friendly options. In many cases, the cost of smaller diamonds and alternate gemstones provide significant savings.

diamond earrings

14kt yellow gold and diamond moon and star earrings, $290, Sara LuNa Jewelry, Winterpark, FL



Diamond Cluster Earrings. Cheating? Maybe…but your wallet wins!



Approximate diamond sizes for round and princess cut diamonds. Which one do you want?

Diamond prices rise with carat weight. Depending on their quality, the larger the diamonds, the higher the price. (To learn more about how the characteristics of a diamond determines its quality see “Sparkle With Diamond Studs, Not Duds” How to get around this? Set several small diamonds close together together to look like larger ones!

diamond earrings made in US

14kt yellow gold earrings with 0.40 ct total diamond weight, $539, Vivid Gems on Etsy, Los Angeles, CA




diamond earrings

Pave’ set diamonds in 14kt white gold disc lever back earrings with 0.20ct total diamond weight, Franklin Gem, Etsy, $525

Pave’ (pronounced paw-vay) and cluster set diamonds create the illusion of larger diamonds by setting several smaller diamonds close together.

Gemstone Earrings

Diamonds still demand a premium price. For cost friendly options, choose a colored gemstone instead.

Gemstones like amethyst, citrine and blue topaz are more abundant, therefore, cost less. Stand out with more unusual gemstones, like pink tourmaline.


Diamond Look Alike Gemstones

Consider gemstones that look like diamonds. Many gemstones offer colorless varieties mimic the look of diamonds. Unless you want a premium stone like sapphire, diamond, ruby or emerald, your savings can be significant.

These gemstones are typically very affordable. Some of the more commonly used white or colorless gemstones used in place of diamonds are sapphire, zircon (not to be confused with the synthetic cubic zirconia), clear topaz, and quartz crystal.

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zircon gemstone earrings

These delicate branch earrings by Virginia Geiger Jewels, on Etsy, are set with white zircon and fresh water pearl, $59. Zircon is a natural gemstone, available in a clear variety or colorless.

Stellar Diamond Earrings

Choosing a style other than the single or solitaire setting offers more options for  unique earrings. These celestial theme earrings have pave’ set diamonds, and are lovely alternatives to the standard diamond stud earrings.

Click on a photo below to learn more or to purchase earrings.

Consider Estate Jewelry

Estate is a misunderstood term we’ve come to associate with old or vintage items.

Estate simply means the item was previously owned. We often associate antique jewelry as estate jewelry.  As generations pass down their jewelry, the styles migrate with the time of design.

The style of some “vintage” jewelry items were created in times . They may or may not be old enough to qualify as vintage or antique, yet the jewelry is considered estate.

diamond earrings

Chandelier style diamond earrings set with 1.00 ct total diamond weight, Antique Jewelry Line, Etsy, $549



This is good news for those shopping for high cost items. Estate jewelry generally costs between 20-50 percent less than new jewelry. (Unless it’s rare, designer or made with significant stones.)



diamond earrings

Estate diamond stud earrings set with 0.60 ct total weight diamonds, in 14kt white gold, Antique Jewelry Line, Etsy, $449

Because estate jewelry is anything previously owned, you’re in luck if Mrs. Smith needs money for her new granite counter tops and sells or consigns her diamond stud earrings to a jewelry store with an estate collection!

Shop in Your Jewelry Box

Use what you already have. Orphaned diamond stud earrings and abandoned jewelry set with diamonds can be used to create beautiful new designs set with diamonds from jewelry you no longer wear.

Did you know jewelers can make a match for your orphaned diamond stud? Yep! So for half the cost, you could have a pair of diamond stud earrings!

These are a few alternative options to diamond stud earrings. Use a little creativity in shopping for your next pair of statement or classic earrings. Whether you want diamonds or gemstone earrings, Jewelry Navigator can help you find them.

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