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Discover Unique Jewelry

Jewelry Navigator is a shopping guide and podcast, featuring unique jewelry and shopping tips.

Listeners and visitors can learn while they shop for the jewelry featured in psots and on the podcast.

I also offer specialized services for independent jewelry designers and shop owners.

Captain of Jewelry Navigator

Jewelry Navigator Brenna

As a Graduate Gemologist, my passion is teaching people about gemstones, and how to select jewelry that will last, while considering their lifestyles.

I’ve worked in gem and appraisal labs, and independent jewelry stores across the U.S. for nearly twenty years.

Come Fly With Me to Discover Unique Jewelry

In between my jewelry career, I was a flight attendant for a commercial airline.
The travel expereince was invaluable, and left me with an appreciation of the world’s diversity.

Combining jewelry and aviation is a fun theme I use it to share jewelry stories and tips here on Jewelry Navigator, and on the Jewelry Navigator Podcast.

How May I Assist You With Your Jewelry Needs?

Like a flight plan with check points, I keep Jewelry Navigator simple.

Themes and stories are featured and highlighted on Jewelry Navigator’s social media platforms, the podcast, and on website posts.

The purpose of Jewelry Navigator is two-fold.

  1. Serve consumers with helful information, wheter purchasing or researching.
  2. Serve jewelers and designers with a platform to share their unqiue.

I can be reached by email, or by phone – see CONTACT information below, or click the highlighted CONTACT link.

Buckle Up for Unique Jewelry!

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