Lab Created Diamonds-Human and Earth Friendly Alternatives


MiaDonna-creating to serve the heart of the jewelry industry.


Lab created diamonds have ushered gemstone jewelry into an era of beauty born from benevolence.

Honesty and ethical sourcing guide purchase decisions now more than ever. The hardships endured by indigenous people who mine the diamonds we wear with joy and pride have revealed contradictions difficult to ignore.

Lab created diamonds offer a solution to the sobering fact that people and families may have suffered so we can enjoy the jewelry representing celebrations and promises of love.

The endeavor of creating diamonds in a lab setting is the reward of nearly a century of research and testing.

There are several companies crossing the threshold to provide lab created diamonds as market alternatives to earth mined diamonds.

MiaDonna is creating lab created diamonds with a mission woven with high ethical standards. What they stand for and who they support is appealing and worth considering the products they offer.