Pumpkin Spice Up Your Jewelry

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Pumpkin spice up your jewelry wardrobe with gemstones and metals reflecting a rich harvest of warm colors.

Jewelry set with flaming red, bright orange, and golden yellow gemstones welcome the changing colors of the season.

As your jewelry navigator, our mission is to share unique jewelry and gemstones. Here, we showcase jewelry created with familiar gems and some more exotic ones that may be new to you.



Citrine- Queen of the Quartz

Although yellow quartz, or citrine, is rare in nature, gemologists found that by heating amethyst or smoky quartz changes the color to a golden or yellow color. The higher the temperature, the deeper or richer the resulting color. Citrine offers a versatile color selection, from golden yellows, rich cognac to pale honey and light golden brown.


Sterling silver pendant set with citrine, ombre style.

David and Helen Worcester of Fallbrook, California from their shop, Verbena Place Jewelry, on Etsy, make a lovely line pendant showing the range of citrine’s colors in an ombre style of graded hues, $245.



The popularity of blue sapphires overshadows their true versatility. Sapphires in golden yellows to sunset oranges make them ideal jewels to feature on our autumn gemstone tour. The added benefits of color variety, combined with a relative hardness nine on the Moh’s Hardness Scale, make sapphires ideal stones to wear in everyday jewelry, like engagement rings.

yellow sapphire

This 14 kt white gold ring, The Secret Delight (available with other stones) from The Winged Lion on Etsy, based in Charlotte, North Carolina , is set with a bright, warm yellow sapphire, and is surrounded by a diamond halo. $1815.00, The Winged Lion.


Padparadscha Sapphire

Padparadscha, pronounced: pod-purr-odd-schaw, is the coveted peachy pink colored sapphire.

Not only is the Padparadscha a beautiful color variety, but as a sapphire, it can withstand the daily wear for an engagement ring. This is great news for brides wanting an alternative stone to the diamond.

sapphire engagement rose gold ring

18 kt rose gold ring featuring a 1.08ct. oval, GIA Certified Padparadscha Sapphire. 0.41ctw round, brilliant cut diamonds accentuate the stone’s beauty, surrounding it in a halo as well as a feminine twist down the shoulders. By CeylonTreasures on Etsy, $4,450.

Padparadscha, or peach sapphires can command prices higher than diamonds! As a cost effective option, Chatham gem labs grows lab created padparadscha that rival the high quality natural stones.

Kristin Coffin of Kristin Coffin Jewelry in Denver, Colorado creates a stunning14 kt. yellow gold twig style ring padparadscha set with an emerald cut cultured (lab created) padparadscha sapphire. $1000 Kristin Coffin Jewelry on Etsy.





Precious topaz is a rare gem and always displays a hue of yellow, ranging from a champagne color to a deep golden yellow. Imperial topaz has shades of pink and peach in varying degrees of intensity. With a hardness of 8, it is a good stone to use in frequently worn jewelry. Topaz will not scratch easily, but its toughness is rated fair because it will cleave or break in certain directions if struck hard enough.




This 14kt white gold ring set with a 4.30 ct. precious topaz and 0.58 ct. diamonds. From Bella Rosa Galleries on Etsy, based in Santa Barbara, California-a perfect example of the traditional yellow hue precious topaz offers.  $3997.77, Bella Rosa Galleries.




Morganite is in a class of its own. Some call it pink aquamarine, which is a misnomer. Morganite is the peach or pink variety of beryl. When Morganite is paired with rose gold it makes for a striking jewelry treasure. Morganite was named for the famous banker, J.P. Morgan. Morgan was an avid gem collector and friend of Tiffany gemologist, James Kunz.


Approximately 2.00ct Morganite ring set in 14 kt rose gold with diamonds, Mark Wayne, Inc.

Mark Wayne of Mark Wayne, Inc., a family owned jewelry business in Los Angeles, California, showcases a 14 kt rose gold ring set with morganite and accent diamonds from his Etsy store, $1375.





Sunstone is an interesting gemstone. Its persimmon pink to deep orange color is accented with a phenomenon called the schiller effect. Copper crystal flecks reflect light, adding more radiance to this already warm, beautiful stone.

sunstoneSunstone is a labradorite, a mineral in the feldspar family. It’s the shimmery bluish green pieces in granite. But in the case of sunstone, it’s orange, not green or blue. The most rare and sought after sunstones are found in Oregon.Blazing hot 18kt white gold ring set with 3.98 ct Oregon sunstone and 0.50ct diamonds,  California Girl Jewelry Etsy shop, $4,299.00.

All of the shops and artists are talented and create beautiful jewelry, but California Girl Jewelry, a mother and daughter team, based in San Francisco, exceeds expectations with a more than generous collection of exotic and rare gemstone fine jewelry. We were very excited to find them!


This exotic gemstone falls victim to mistaken identity. Many people mistakenly associate zircon with cubic zirconia. While cubic zirconia is a lab created stone, most known in its clear variety to mimic diamonds, zircon is a naturally occurring gemstone.


Zircons form in a range of colors, and cubic zirconia is created in every color.

Besides offering an impressive selection of colors, zircon’s refractive index (that’s gemology speak for how sparkly a stone is) is higher than diamond, making it a showstopper among gemstones. Zircons are captivating, and worth a look for something unusual and breathtaking, like this Tanzanian rose zircon set in 14kt rose gold with diamonds, created by California Girl Jewelry, $2700.



Baltic Amber warms up to the cozy colors of fall, featuring a stone that is warm in color and to the touch. Amber is lightweight and good for large statement pieces, like long earrings and beaded necklaces. Jewelry made with the rich, warm colors of amber compliments the cooling weather of fall.

Cherry amber necklace with baroque beads, 19.7” long, from Amber Regina, Etsy, $295

amber beads



Known for their rainbow play of color, opals are formed in a surprising variety of colors.   All opals are formed in a hydrous, or water environment, but the environment can differ. For example, the Mexican fire opals are formed in the fiery landscape of volcanoes. The water that is trapped in heated pockets of volcanoes mix with other elements forming this vibrant opal that has colors similar to the hot magma of its formation.

Dramatic and bold, Mexican fire opals form in a range of colors from orange yellow to reddish orange like a summer sunset.

mexican fire opal

3.50 ct Mexican fire opal and diamond ring

3.50 ct candy apple red Mexican fire opal set in 14kt white gold and diamonds offered by California Girl Jewelry, $1799.


We hope you have enjoyed our autumn color celebration. We have seen everything from elaborate jewelry with rare stones, to simply designed settings with more popular stones. There is a delicious pumpkin spice gemstone for everyone!

What gemstone jewelry do you have that celebrates the harvest of the autumn season?

Share this post with your family, friends and social media if what you found is exciting or intriguing. Go one more step, and reach out to the jewelers and artists to have them create your next treasure.

The jewelers and artists selected to feature their jewelry in this autumn showcase were hand picked because of their combination of beautiful gemstones with unique styles. We thank them for allowing us to present a stunning showcase of gemstones and jewelry. They all have stories and are inspired to share the love of gemstones and their jewelry.