Sky Jewerly-Celebrating Aviation

airplane and aviation jewelry

airplane and aviation jewelry

Sky Jewelry to Celebrate Aviation

Jewelry is used to celebrate personal and historical accomplishments. Aviation has enjoyed advancements for private, commercial and military aircraft since the first flight at Kitty Hawk.

Every day we’re reminded of aviation’s rapid evolution as the skies are painted with the white contrails of airplanes carrying passengers and cargo.

Whether you’re a frequent flyer for work or recreation, a career aviator or flight crew member, or an air travel novice, we pay tribute to the history of aviation with innovative and whimsical jewelry.

We’ve ventured to museum and specialty shops to find innovative jewelry designers who use discarded airplane parts to create new and beautiful jewelry.


Wraptillion-Beauty of Mechanics

Kelly Jones, artist and owner of Wraptillion, repurposes car and airplane parts into beautiful jewelry reflecting the motion of their past purpose.

She links each piece with titanium connectors and rings from her studio in Shoreline, Washington, outside of Seattle.

Wraptillion's Concentric Pendant, $80,

Wraptillion’s Concentric Pendant, $80,


jewelry from repurposed metals

Rose Window Necklace by Wraptillion with heat patina; $312.50



Wraptillion Garland Earrings from the Heat Patina Collection, $150



Stylish, edgy, but feminine at the same time, Kelly’s Wraptillion jewelry can be found online at the Museum of Flight Store, as well as at






Jewelry From Historic Airplanes

jewelry from airplanes

Replica of nose art from B24 Liberator, a WW2 bomber, Ltd. Ed. panel, $795 at Plane Junkie

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Jerry Moran was a career Marine. He built and refurbished commercial and military aircraft.

After visiting the aircraft graveyard in Arizona, Jerry was inspired to find new purpose from the historic aircraft.  He uses salvaged aluminum aircraft from vintage war planes to design and make jewelry. Most of the pieces are named for the nose art on the bomber, attack and patrol aircraft from WWII and Korean War. He takes advantage of the lightweight nature of aluminium to make his jelery stand out as statement pieces, yet comfortable to wear.

"Slightly Dangerous" cufflinks by Jerry Moran from reclaimed aircraft aluminum, $62 at

“Slightly Dangerous” cufflinks by Jerry Moran from reclaimed aircraft aluminum, $62 at

jewelry from airplane metal

“Beautiful Lass” earrings from WW2 aircraft, P-38F Lightning, $62 at Plane Junkie


airplane jewelry from reclaimed recycled metal

Heavenly Body Necklace, inspired by the nose art of the same name on the B24 Liberator Bomber from
Reclaimed aircraft aluminum, designer signature AD rivets, Hematite and sterling
silver, at Plane Junkie, $82




bracelet from reclaimed aircraft metal

Men’s Lucky Strike bracelet Inspired by the B-29 Superfortress, Lucky Strike’s nose art, flown in Korean War, $100









Jewelry to Flip Out About

Show your love airplanes and traveling by air with these 14 kt yellow gold skywriting earrings, by Tailwinds at Made in the U.S. by a pilot. Available with both Piper or Cessna airplanes.

airplane earrings and jewelry

14kt gold skywriting airplane earrings, $135

Lucky Jewelry Finds

Lucky, random finds of jewelry treasures pop up sometimes, like this 18 kt. 727 airplane ring with 0.30 ct. in diamonds.

airplane jewelry ring with diamonds and gold

Wear your love of aviation with a ring like this from Fay Cullen estate jewelry. Complete with runway details! $1400

From Fay Cullen Estate Jewelry, in Asheville, North Carolina, the airplane design is unmistakable, while the detail of the runway on the outside shank of the ring makes it even more spectacular.
Estate jewelry offers a reliable source of unique jewelry.


vintage airplane ring in gold with diamonds

Runway detail on the sides of the ring, 18 kt gold with diamonds, Fay Cullen










Air travel and aviation offers romance and intriguing adventure. From the sky to the terminal, you can show your love of aviation with jewelry created by one or more of these featured designers.
To purchase, click on any of the blue highlighted text. These will take you directly to the designer’s site or to a shops that features their jewelry.

Have you seen unique aviation themed jewelry? We’d love to feature more of it, so please share resources in the comments, or email us below.

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Special Notes and Dedication

This post is dedicated to the crews and passengers on American flights, 77 and 11, and United flights, 175 and 93, as well as all past and present military and commercial pilots and crew members who protect our freedom and safely transport us miles from home and back.

Thanks, Dad!

Navy airplanes

Brenna’s father, CAPT USNR (Ret.) R.E. Chop (left), Whiting Field, Milton, Florida

Brenna is from a family of military and commercial pilots. She continued the legacy with an interim career as a flight attendant. Married to her flight attendant husband, Tom, she still enjoys flying with her family, even if it’s just for the day!