Tuesday’s Treats-Halloween Costume Jewelry

Welcome to Tuesday’s Treats!

(featured photo above is the updated version of Paul Michael Design’s Wonder Woman inspired ring.)

Looking to complete your Halloween costume look with the perfect Super Hero Jewelry?

Super Hero and Sci-Fi Jewelry

Does your Halloween costume require a cape and super powers?

Deep down, we’re our own super heroes, and to prove it, jewelry creations by Paul Michael Design can vouch for you with jewelry inspired by super hero and Sci-Fi characters.



All of the rings featured in this and our Instagram post are creations by Paul Bierker of Paul Michael Design. (His shopping website is geek.(dot)jewelry)

We’ve been fans of Paul Michael Design for some time now.

Paul Bierker of Paul Michael Design is truly a Leonardo da Vinci of jewelry and design.

Besides catering to fan based loyalties, Mr. Bierker is an accomplished and innovative jewelry designer who uses old school as well as cutting edge technology to successfully translate interests and custom requests into jewelry his clients and customers dream of.

Watch for this week’s post on Thursday, and our Shop Small series feature with more details on this artist.

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