Celebrating International Women’s Day With Jewelry Navigator Podcast

This week’s podcast and posts revolve around celebrations and an anniversary.

International Women’s Day was March 8.

This week’s episode is a compilation of snippets and segments from a few of the podcasts in which I shared the jewelry, inspriation and stories of women designers I’ve had the pleasure and honor of supporting and befriending over the past year.

When I started the podcast, my intentions were to guide shoppers to make informed decisions, and to present them with unique jewlery choices.

After I began searching, I realized many of the jewelry lines I gravitated towards were created by women who are designers, artists, and jewelers. This trend grew into the foundation on which I choose many of my podcast guests and topics.

Some of the desigers featured in the above gallery have yet to be featured on the podcast.
Many have been mentioned and featured in past blog posts!

It’s refreshing to see more women taking the lead in jewelry related careers, and meeting them in person at trade and jewelry shows picks up where the virtual experience leaves off, and allows us to connect and opens doors for collaborations and futher outreach.

Between this year, and last, I’ve attended the Metal and Smith Winter Edit show last February, the JA Show in July, Pleiades Art Jewelry show in December, this year’s Tucson Gem Show, and the Craft Council Show in Baltimore.

I’ve met many of my podcast guests at these shows, and it’s been a pleasure sharing their stories.

The guests and designers featured in this week’s podcast are mentioned in the order in which the podcasts were published:

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