Vintage Inspired Jewelry Discoveries With Heavenly Vices Jewelry

This is the first in a short series of feature stories about artists and designers I met at Metal and Smith’s Winter Edit in NYC, on February 5, 2018.

Time Was Running Out…

My morning had started at 3:45 a.m. After arriving at Laguardia Airport from DCA, I made my way into the city for my first Metal and Smith event-the 2018 Winter Edit.

After mingling with designers and discovering their jewlery, by 12:30 p.m., time was chasing my efforts to meet all the designers before needing to begin my return to the airport.

There was one designer I urgently wanted to find.
(Pictures are great, but to have the opportunity to meet the designer and experience the jewelry first hand is what I was there for.)

Tucked between contemporary jewelry designs, was an inviting display with jewelry that echoes from a time when compassion and conversation were the only interfaces.
Heavenly Vices Fine Jewelry…vintage jewelry, with an update…this was the line of jewelry I was hoping to find!

Vintage inspired Sunrise Necklace set with Diamond, enamel, and topaz in sterling silver, $1900

Radiant Jeweled Disks and Echoes Into the Past

Radiant disks set with diamonds and gems, symmetrical designs with jeweled swirls, and “love tokens” invited me to learn of their conversions.

Samantha Jackson, of Heavenly Vices Fine Jewelry, artfully converts sentimental meaning and inspiration, giving new purpose and stories to trinkets inspired by the past.

love token jewelry

From Heavenly Vice’s Rebirth Collection, Love Token necklaces, with diamond halos-*see text description for more details, prices start at $1000

*Samantha explained the love tokens are made from various coins. Rubbed flat on one or both sides, the surfaces were engraved with monograms, significant dates, and sometimes, nick names or personal messages.

Here’s an excerpt from Love Token Society’s site with further explanation, “The Love Token is a coin that has been smoothed flat on one or both sides and then hand engraved.  Engravings are most commonly initials of the giver.  Names and dates were also popular and perhaps most special and scarcer were sayings and pictures. Some love tokens were embellished even further with stones, enamel, added raised metal, or cutout designs within the coin. These coins were made as keepsakes and mementos from the giver to the recipient.  The giver, important date, place, or event was intended to be remembered through the love token; a commissioned testimony and executed one of a kind special engraving.”

Jewelry With Virtue

As the din of conversation between designers and guests faded, my focus was drawn in by stories Samantha shared of the purpose and meaning behind her designs.

Originally from New Orleans, Samantha calls on the whispers of architectural influence, and blended cultures to translate inspiration into her jewelry designs.

She now resides in Atlanta, where from her studio, she creates Heavenly Vices jewelry. The amulets represent the notion that although we’re grounded to our earthly pleasures, our purpose is to reach for heavenly virtues.

Virtuous Cause

Lovely, intelligent and compassionate, Samantha wove the narrative of her jewelry, journey, and aspirations during our short visit into a story I’ll eagerly follow.

lapis cufflinks

Don’t forget our boys! Sterling silver cufflinks with lapis and topaz, from the Celestial Collection $700

She shared the endearing memory of a failed attempt to rescue a one-eyed kitten became the motivation for her devoted efforts to rescue and assist cats in the rural areas of Georgia.

“Jewelry and animals – the great loves of my life. I was 8 years old when I first realized just how rough life is for homeless animals when a tiny one eyed kitten ran up to me as I was watching my brothers play soccer. A portion of the proceeds of all of my jewelry is donated to local animal rescues in honor of the sweet kitten who came to me for help so many years ago.” -Samantha Jackson, Heavenly Vices Fine Jewelry

I was delighted and honored to meet Samantha. Her purpose to serve sentimental and rescue causes shine through masterful jewelry designs.

You can find Heavenly Vices Fine Jewelry at, and visit her Instagram page, @heavenlyvices for more of her jewelry and details on her rescue efforts.

(All photos featured, unless otherwise noted, are by Heavenly Vices Fine Jewelry.)
A special thank you to metal and smith…

I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been invited to Metal and Smith’s Winter Edit. 

Supporting and showcasing jewelry created by independent designers is at the heart of Jewelry Navigator’s purpose and path.
It was pure joy getting to hear the stories of these designers, most of whom are women, and are deserving of shoppers’ recognition and patronage.

jewelry trade show

photo-Metal and Smith

As their adopted motto, #notatradeshow, Metal and Smith’s events allow for a more intimate setting to introduce and showcase independent jewelers and designers as the focus for an entire event.

Here is the description of their purpose for the event:
Metal & Smith is a is a highly curated 1-Day wholesale event established in 2016 to cultivate the next generation of emerging fine jewelry designers. Unlike the traditional expo or show, with never-ending rows, noticeable disparities in the quality of vendors, and a mass-market approach, our event is focused, limited to 50 international brands per edit, and designed to foster meaningful interactions between Exhibitors and invited retailers, editors, stylists, and influencers.”
Their next event is The Jewelry Independent Summit, May 2, 2018.