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About Brenna

I’m Brenna Pakes – Graduate Gemologist, founder of Jewelry Navigator, and host of Jewelry Navigator Podcast.

I’m passionate about unususal gemstones, unique jewelry, and those who create it.

Jewelry Navigator Brenna

 How Jewelry Navigator Started

I’ve always loved gemstones and jewelry, so it only made sense to study them in school!
I have a degree in geology, and earned my Graduate Gemologist diploma from the residential program of Gemological Institute of America.

Most of my jewelry experience has been behind the counter as a gemologist and jewelry consultant for independent retail stores.

Travel Treasures

Early in my career, when the jewelry store I worked in abruptly closed, I took a career diversion with a commercial airline as a flight attendant.

Since retiring my wings, I see jewelry selections with an understanding of our diversity.

Jewelry Navigator allows me to draw on nearly 20 years of trade experience to do two things:

1. Inform shoppers about gemstones, precious metals, and jewerly design and repair concepts, and

2. Share unusual gemstones, and unique jewelry with those who want to stand out rather than blend in with conventional trends.

Values Guide us
to Better Fashion Choices

Changing priorities and values are foucsing on issues that matter, including

    • Supporting small and local businesses
    • Sustainable and fair trade practices and materials
    • Causes and communities

Using these values as priorities, I’ve found I’m able to check all the boxes for a combination of shopping intrests.

Celebrating Unique Jewelry

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