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Debra Navarro

Debra Navarro is always a delight to visit, and is as brilliant and bright as the gemstones she selects for her unique jewelry.

I had the pleasure of visiting her at the Select Jewelry Show in Tucson at the Weston La Paloma Resort and Spa on February 2, 2020.

Displayed on her table were small white dishes filled with rough gemstones – like an offering of candy to guests.

While colorfully beautiful, part of Debra’s story is all about how the rough gems are traceable to the source.

Debra’s jewelry embodies fair mined, sustainable, and transparent sourcing, and often names her pieces and collections for the people who recover the gem rough she sets into her jewelry!

This page is devoted to sharing her jewelry at the 2020 Tucson shows, and is supported by the home page devoted to Jewelry Navigator’s features of Gem and Jewelry shows in 2020.