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Mary van der Aa

I first learned about Mary van der Aa in Southern Jewelry News.
The article told the story about how she was part of the creative team who designed and fabricated a pageant crown using precious metal and gemstones

Last year at the Pueblo Show, I was beyond thrilled when I found her with Todd Wacks of Tucson Todd’s Gems, and this year was even better!

The sweet set up Mary and Todd have together as business partners is that Todd facet can any stone (within limitations) she wants to create her signature designs.

Mary’s design versatility ranges from contemporary angles set with hybrid shapes, to classical symmetrical settings, like one of her newest collections, Cymbal, seen in the gallery above.

Color Change Pyrope Ganet – Magical and Limited

Todd’s appreciation of garnet gemstones is extensive in the selection he facets and collects.

 Todd is credited with discovering a new variety of color change garnet, called color change pyrope, which exhibits an entrancing color change phenomena from brilliant purple to hot pink!

The video above demonstrates the striking color change of the exceptional garnets.

(Unfortunately, I’m unable to embed the video of Mary explaining the story of the discovery of the limited gem material, and how it was uncovered by Todd, but you can watch it on this link to see the more of the Color Change garnet story.)

In the video below, Mary van der Aa shares how she converted a pendant into earrings, set with color change pyrope garnets.

Exclusive and Unique Gems and Jewelry

Visiting them is like walking into a gem and mineral museum where everything is for sale – it truly is exciting to know one can acquire expertly faceted gems by Todd, set in one of a kind jewelry designs by Mary.

I look forward to visiting them at their shows through the year!

For more about Mary’s jewelry, and Tucson Todd’s Gems, visit
Mary van der Aa or Tucson Todd’s Gems.