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Emily Kuvin and Her Jewelry Designs Are Shining Stars

pink sapphire ring

Below is the coordinating blog post to Episode 26 of the Jewelry Navigator Podcast, featuring Emily Kuvin of Emily Kuvin Jewelry Design.

You can listen to our discussion in the podcast to learn more about Emily and the inspiration behind her jewelry designs. Click on the podcast player above to listen on this page, or download on iTunes or Spotify.
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Emily Kuvin Jewelry Design Shines Bright as a New Jewelry Designer

When I met Emily Kuvin, and saw her jewelry deigns, I saw stars – literally!

Emily Kuvin Jewelry Design is created with two elegant, but versatile collections,
the Stella Collection, and the Classical Collection.

Latin for star, stella, Emily Kuvin’s Stella Collection was ignited when she was awakened by an image of a unique star design.

After sketching the stellar form, and a few iterations, the Stella Collection of jewelry was born!

Delightful and expressive, the Stella Collection is comprised of star shaped explosions of gold or sterling silver, set with colorful gemstones and diamonds.


14kt yellow gold Stella necklace, set with turquoise and diamonds, $1680

In high school, Emily designed, made and sold jewelry.
Her career paths deviated from hands-on creativity, but she returned to jewelry design after enjoying successful careers in broadcast journalism and law.

Emily lives in Lyme, New Hampshire, and we met at the Jewelers of America Jewelry show in New York this past summer. I was thrilled when she agreed to be my guest on the Jewelry Navigator Podcast, which you can listen to by clicking the link above, or subscribing to the Jewelry Navigator Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play Music.


New Designer Gallery at the Jeweler’s of America Show in New York

Emily was one of a select few designers in the distinguished New Designer Gallery, curated by Liz Kantner for the JA Show.

She’s been featured on Gem Gossip’s site with her Stella jewelry, and I’m so excited to have her as today’s guest on the podcast.

What I find so interesting about Emily is how she balances the business and design sides of her jewelry business with skills, experience, and knowledge acquired from her education and prior careers.

Although her jewelry design gift began in high school, Emily wouldn’t return to her creative side until completing a series of professional careers.

After completing her undergraduate studies in English and history,  Emily earned her master’s degree in journalism.

She enjoyed a career in broadcast journalism, then returned to school for a law degree. Once her season of practicing law was fulfilled, she decided to return to her interest of jewelry design.

Her former career experience serves her well in her jewelry business with sharp attention to detail.

Emily seamlessly balances a mix of aesthetic understanding with business practicality.


turquoise necklace
From the Stella Collecion, the Piccolo Grand Stella necklace in 14kt yellow gold, with turquoise, lapis and diamonds, $3200

Emily Kuvin Jewelry Design is Balanced With Classical Design Themes

There are two collections that make up Emily Kuvin Jewelry Design. Both developed from classical influence, and appeal to elegant and casual styles.

The Stella Collection consists of various sizes of organically formed stars with nine arms, and expresses an appreciation for stars and our place in a vast universe.

From a more whimsical perspective, the Stella Collection reflects the signature “kapow” graphic of super hero comics to celebrate the inner strength we have as women.

The Stella Collection

The largest design, Stella, and a medium size, Stellina, are featured as necklaces and earrings.

In the center of each Stella and Stellina necklace or earring is an oval gemstone surrounded by six small diamonds sprinkled around the center stone.

Gems like morganite, tourmaline, amethyst, and turquoise are just a few of the gems she uses in her designs.

The Mini Stella Collection

The smallest star shaped collection within the Stella Collection is the Mini Stella Collection.

Petite, but delivering a punch of sparkle, the Mini Stella jewelry pieces stand out as a miniature exploding star, sprinkled with a selection of small gemstones, like diamonds, blue topaz, amethyst, and pink sapphires and blue sapphires.

The Classical Collection

Inspired by the iconic pyramids of ancient Egypt, for which Emily had an intense interest as a young girl, Emily designed her Classical Collection based on triangular forms and gemstones.

Emily combines the triangular forms of three small, bezel set gems, with trillion shaped gemstones as the basis for her Classical Collection jewelry designs.

By mixing and matching the trigon jewelry components, she creates a series of  designs that are set with gems that contrast and compliment each other.

Unique Jewelry Gifts by Emily Kuvin Jewelry Design

Jewelry from both the Stella and Classical Collections are unique and offer a distinguished gift to oneself or another.

Emily Kuvin’s jewelry stands out with elegance that transitions from casual to formal, and packs a sparkling punch to remind us that we’re all shining stars!

You can find Emily Kuvin Jewelry Design in several jewelry boutiques, as well as on her website,