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Jewelry Looks Like Candy or Cocktails!

Ever since I was a little kid, I thought gemstones and jewels looked like candy.

(Anybody else think that?)

Easily motivated by the colorful confections, my eyes would lock onto any gemstone-loose or in jewelry.

Padparadscha Color gems
My mouth waters every time I look at the delicious color of this 5.70 ct Padparadscha Color Bekily, Color Change Garnet set in 18kt. yellow gold, accented with .65ct diamonds.


As a follow up to California Dreamin’ of Rare Gemstone Jewelry at Excellent Prices, I felt this 5.70 Padaparadscha color Bekily color change garnet ring deserved a solo showing.

Its color is exceptional, and REALLY looks like something delicious to enjoy! (watermelon Jolly Rancher, maybe?)

Set with an extremely rare Bekily Color Change 5.70 carat Garnet (origin Madagascar) this 18karat yellow gold ring is sprinkled with .65carat G/VS diamonds, and is a treat worthy of endless enjoyment!

padparadscha color gems
The diamond swirl detail on the undercarriage is just stunning and elegant!

Mariel Baker and Denise Forbes include in-depth details of the gemstones set in their jewelry. They’re involved in the process from mine to design, to setting.

For more details, to purchase this ring, or other delectable jewelry treats, visit California Girl Jewelry.


If you’re in San Francisco-drop by their studio boutique, where they welcome visitors and clients with iced champagne around the clock!

833 Market Street Suite 621

San Francisco, CA

Although I enjoy celebratory cocktails and an occasional steal from my kid’s bag of gummie bears…I’ll stick to gemstones-no calories, and you can enjoy them after the bag of candy is empty!